The Bromont 3-Day Event features three different disciplines distributed over the course of three days. There are also several side events. You can choose to participate and witness all three disciplines and the side events, or you can go with just one or two.


The first discipline is the Dressage phase. This involves horses and their riders performing a sequence of movements with judges rating their rhythm, balance, and suppleness, as well as horse obedience. This event is usually held in an enclosed arena. Venue for the Dressage competition at the Bromont 3-Day Event is ____________.

Price: $ ________________


The Cross-Country phase is when horses and riders go over fences in an outdoor circuit. It’s like an obstacle course for horses, with logs, ponds, ditches, and stone walls, among many others. This is a competition that requires horse and rider stamina, coordination, and speed.

Price: $___________


Show Jumping is usually the last discipline in 3-Day Events. This is a competition that tests the horses and riders’ technical jumping skills. Around 12 to 20 fences are usually set up for the horses (and their riders) to jump over. What makes this phase more exciting is the fact that it is a timed competition.

Price: $ ___________


If you want to witness all three disciplines, you can avail of a special all-in-one package that comes with a discounted price of $ ________.

For more information about tickets to the event, please contact ________ or check out THIS PAGE.